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My name is Dave and I'm the Lead Project Manager for BigSkyDM. I've been working in technology since 1990. I remember my college days when we used punch cards to program computers. The computer science department was in the science building as the industry wasn't big enough to warrant it's own building yet.

One thing I learned early on, it's about the people. Writing code, discovering new tech platforms and developing methods was meaningless unless there was a live person who had a problem to solve and wanted technology to solve it. I bring the same mindset to the table when working with great people like... you!

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Brand Strategy
Creating a strategic brand identity with clear cut direction across all marketing channels.
Web Design
From concept to fruition, your website will be eye-catching and full-featured, just the way you want it.
Social Media
Full court press on all your social media assets. From concept to posting routines, it's all taken care of.
Content Marketing
The written word is an art form. Creating content, articles, email and marketing prose is essential to a successful campaign and website.
Presence Care
There are lots of monthly chores to keep your investment humming. From server to social to security, the little things are taken care of.
Digital Marketing
Our forte is marketing. We excel and create amazing strategic plans to grow your business and flow more dollars to your bottom line.
Web Stores
Selling products online can be daunting when done right. We will set up sustainable routines and practices to make your store run smoothly and efficiently.
Search Engine Optimization
Getting high marks on search engines are necessary for success. A well planned and strategically implemented campaign is essential.
Email Marketing
Collecting, keeping and growing your email contacts are crucial to success. From campaigns to opt-ins, every facet is maximized.

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